LABORDE "No Vull" Single y Video-clip

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You could think that LISASINSON’s frenetic activity had led to Míriam’s solo project, LABORDE, taking a break, but really all of that activity was what let her get back to it. This new single, “No Vull”, started with guitars and has slowly taken the shape Míriam feels so comfortable with. Written together with Dani Martínez, “No Vull” is the first song LABORDE has written in her native language, Valenciano. The song is about that moment when you are starting to get to know someone and everything is new and you feel like your floating on a cloud. It’s an exercise in danceable hyperpop with an epic europop chorus and maximum feeling, with one eye on great contemporary artists like MushkaaVen’nusSandra Monfort and Ariox. As proof of this transition, this single comes with an acoustic version of “No Vull”, more delicate and intimate, closer and more emotional, and a music video directed by Polígono that is pure expressionism, a panoramic image of colors, lights and shadows, with Míriam at the center. Our star is overflowing with creativity right now. Let’s enjoy it.


TRACKLIST: 01 No Vull  02 No Vull (Soft Version)





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