PIPIOLAS (Feat. KIKO VENENO) "Llorarme" Single Digital

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Rivers of ink (and of bits) are pouring out after “No hay un Dios”. Yes, Adriana and Paula are officially a musical phenomenon. Their songs, so immediate and so full of personality, and their energy (both on and off stage) have turned them into that secret that everyone’s singing along with. After that collaboration with Rigoberta Bandini, the artists who want to enjoy the pleasure of sharing songs with them are more and more important. So, get ready for this one. Because “Llorarme” is a rhythm and blues song that would make Dusty Springfield and Lorraine Ellison jealous, with a XXI century production from Vau Boy and on which they share track with Kiko Veneno, who gives his spicy, delicious touch. The Sevillian, who is still looking for other paths, although he revolutionised flamenco-rock-pop with the LP "Veneno" and his participation in "La Leyenda Del Tiempo", now joins PIPIOLAS on vocals and guitar. Unpredictable, marvellous, the magic of following inspiration and creativity wherever he is. You cannot imagine what “Llorarme” sounds like. It’s incredible. Those melodies that are right on the surface are so exciting, and that “ssshhhh”. The special chemistry of this unimaginable cocktail is through the roof and takes us to places we’ve never been before. In the meantime, Adriana and Paula continue stage-hopping all over Spain with their total artistic spirit and their overflowing vitality. Just imagining the path that lies ahead for them is dizzying.



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