LISASINSON "Salgo A La Calle" Single Digital

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LISASINSON a blowing through stages like sacks of gunpowder. “Un Año De Cambios” marked the decisions and the path for the duo to definitively establish their concept and line-up, culminating in a successful tour in Mexico, in addition to multiple dates all over Spain, festivals, television appearances, excellent reviews and so many really special moments.


“Salgo A La Calle” is the beginning of a new era, where they give us a glimpse of a more mature sound, just as energetic, a bit less urgent in this first single (although the bpm is still high), more melodic, where the pieces start to fall perfectly into place and where the lyrics go one step further and the songwriting is more convincing than ever.


The thing is, “Salgo A La Calle” begins with a solid bass, as if Simon Gallup (THE CURE) had gotten a group together with DRY CLEANING or COACH PARTY. It’s a tour de force that begins with a contained, agile, danceable tension that builds up with one of those choruses that needs to be shouted, and ends in an epic explosion, the kind that makes the voltage seep in through every pore. But Míriam’s lyrics are an invitation, with two different layers of interpretation that complement each other perfectly: “I wrote it in a period of reflection about myself and about everything I have been going through these past few years and the truth is that the lyrics came from somewhere deep within me and it feels very much my own. It’s freeing and also a reflection. Each line is a trip to a moment in time and in the mind: The “Por fin no hace calor y puedo pensar bien” (Finally it’s not hot and I can think clearly) can be read metaphorically and symbolizes that there is a positive change and I see things more clearly. But it can also be read more literally because I feel much better when it’s not hot. “La ausencia de ruido de los coches” (The absence of noise from cars) alludes to a moment of peace and quiet, where I can hear myself breath and symbolizes self-awareness and self-connection, but at the same time it’s literal because we live surrounding by noise in the city and when you get out of it and your routine you value the silence so much. “La casa vacía” (The empty house) is about understanding yourself better and at the same time feeling alone a lot, which is when you discover so much about yourself. In general, it’s a song about an emotional journey toward oneself, with obstacles overcome and difficult moments”.


“Salgo A La Calle” started in 2020 but wound up being recorded in 2023, with the help of Marc Fernández and Marc Roca, guitar and drums, respectively, for the last tours and now important pieces of the group. Vocals, bass and guitars were recorded with Marc Fernández at Lluerna studios. The drums were recorded by Rodrigo Hernández, mixing was done by Antoni LagunaJuanjo Muñoz did the mastering at Catmastering and Marc Fernández was in charge of production.


It comes with a music video made once again by Polígono, and we see Míriam living in a city and Paula in the country. Both need to find themselves again, the solitude and noise make life unbearable. Each scene marks the path toward finding each other at the same tree where they used to spend time together. There is no doubt that “Salgo A La Calle” is a new step in LISASINSON’s trajectory, and we hope and we believe that it will be so on many levels.








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