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To enter rebe’s world is to enter a dangerous but thrilling universe that is equal parts murky and sweet, uncomfortable and disturbing. Each new song is like one of those dirty secrets of state that only a lucky few know. And the latest one is in “hasta el fin…”, a song that she produced herself, and that was arranged by OTRO (Aaron Morris). And we already know what that means: lysergic stylings and pop, Alfonso Santisteban and Marisa Medina, Bebu Silvetti and Jane Birkin, possession and spitefulness. And the video, created by both rebe and OTRO, reflects this perfectly: the visual esthetic of the seventies (those greys, those hazy flashes), the makeup and the decoration as a doll were walking through that classic Spanish small-town fair. And then she sings, “Dice mi madre que desde que te veo / Me duele la tripa, se me enreda el pelo / Dicen que desde que bebí de tu boca / Yo me volví loca” (My mom says that since I saw you / My stomach hurts, my hair is in knots / They say since I drank from your mouth / I have gone crazy) and you fall completely under her spell and that way she has of talking about the deepest, most addictive love, “Mete tu mano debajo de mi falda / Juntos estaremos hasta el fin / Besa mi pelo, tócame la cara” (Put your hand under my skirt / We’ll be together till the end / Kiss my hair, touch my face). Since her last single, “Marisol”, she mixes her whispers with the most heartfelt shouts inherited from the flamenco tradition, with influences from MORENA Y CLARA, LAS CHUCHES, LA MARELU and ADELA LA CHAQUETA. rebe continues to be absolutely unique and enthralling.



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