CRISTINA QUESADA "Primavera" Digital Single and Video

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TRACKLIST: 01 Primavera  02 Be My Baby  03 Italia (English Version)

If the collaboration between the velvety voice of Cristina Quesada and the overflowing creativity of Joe Moore (THE YEARNING, THE PERFECT KISS, JULIE ET JOE) has already given us a handful of singles from “Think I Heard A Rumour”, get ready for a feast of what is to come. The tandem is back with an exercise in high-voltage Italo Disco. As an advance for “Dentro Al Tuo Sogno”, their upcoming album, we have a Digital Single full of juicy material, starring one of the songs that will be on the album: “Primavera”.


The song lays out all the sumptuousness of the sound taken to greatness by names like Giorgio Moroder, SAVAGE or Katy Gray. The thing is, Joe Moore has managed to find the mystery and the very special color of the melodies of these artists he has soaked up. “Primavera” makes this clear, with its rhythmic-ness, its deep basses and synthesized lines, creating a shady ambiance that hides the underlying vitality, which is perfectly reflected in Cristina’s lyrics: a song for spring, as a metaphor for the need to escape from dark moments and contexts, swinging in the luminosity of the chorus.


The single also has two songs that won’t be on the album. The first is a seductive version of “Be My Baby” that Lenny Kravitz wrote for Vanessa Paradis, burying the northern-soul in layers of synthesizers, showing that respects can be paid in way that is full of imagination and surprise. The other is “Italia”, a song that will be sung in Italian on the album, and that here is in its English version. A love song for the bel paese. Full of nostalgia, but at the same time optimistic, colorful, and of course, sunny.


And to really top things off, Daniel Cuenca (who has worked with Cristina several times) made a video for “Primavera”, where we can see the darkness and the fears perfectly represented in that monster that chases our protagonist, and how the astro sun turns the perfect trap into a marvelous landscape. That’s just how spring is.


One single and we already have three hits to fill our post-pandemic nights with. And there is still another single to come. And a new album. Start warming up, they’re coming out to play. With Cristina Quesada, of course.



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