LABORDE feat. VALVERDINA & Rare "Vampirita" Single Digital

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LABORDE keeps on adding more to that unusual collection of singles full of surprising and diverse collaborations. It is turning out to be quite varied, and full of hits. We have a new one here now, with VALVERDINA (María from CARIÑO) and RARE. All together, they give us a highly addictive cocktail with halos of punk-pop and production work full of surprises from RARE, who is back at the technical controls (production, mixing and mastering) after that collaboration with LABORDE and CIBERCHICO for “Estoy Por Ti”, but this time with a different register, more organic and powerful. There is a catchy chorus, carefree lyrics, and a video that oozes hedonism, parties and freedom, under the direction of Enrique Tarazona, a regular collaborator from Valencia’s Toxic Pop collective and the person specifically in charge of videos for LEFTEE, RARE and CIBERCHICO, among others. LABORDE’s agile and slippery phrasing combines perfectly with VALVERDINA’s sweet tone in a clear and open, direct and burning metaphor. Another bull’s eye. These current times are signaling new ways of working and writing, and LABORDE is keeping a devilishly fast pace, jumping from style to style, combining rhythms, sounding different and unique each time, and putting out a ton of singles and collaborations. Where will this take her? Where will it take us?



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