LABORDE: "Nunca Estoy (Mai Estic)" Single and Video-clip

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TRACKLIST: 01 Nunca Estoy (Mai Estic)


A few weeks ago we discovered a new facet of Míriam (LISASINSON) with the addictive “Llámame”, under the moniker LABORDE, a special project that opens new paths in the singer’s registers. It is a personal initiative, open to much more contemporary references and influences, and as proof we have this cover. Míriam takes C. Tangana’s song, “Nunca Estoy”, to Catalan; she gives it a sad, dreamy air; she locks it up in a room full of naïve sounds and broken dreams, and opens the doors for everyone who is looking for something with a different sound, something that saves us, like music has always done.


With Pépe working on the technical aspects and production, this new digital release comes with a video directed by Victoria Herranz and Mar Espinosa (and yes, María, who completes the initial LISASINSON combo also participates). In the video, with a resolution that evokes older cameras and aims to highlight the songs melancholy, we can see Míriam on the El Saler beach, combing her hair in the waves and letting herself be carried by the sea.

There is no doubt that this is just the beginning of a new, promising, personal, and totally unique proposal. Stay tuned.



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