JULIE ET JOE: "Marelle" Single Digital and Video-Clip

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With that recent collaboration between Joe Moore and Julie Big fresh out of the oven, we are using this moment to calmly enjoy the song that gives this release – which pays tribute to Jacno, Elli Medeiros and the techno-pop that played on European radios in the early eighties – its title. “Marelle” is a clear example of well-developed harmonies, over an almost industrial concept (that progressive enumeration in the verses) and a furiously luminous chorus. Synthesizers in constant dialogue, impossible sounds, unforgettable artifacts. This song can just as easily pack a dancefloor on a Saturday night as it can lift your spirits mid-morning on a workday. And for such a wonder, we have Pooley (Woom Studio) back at it for the video, making another one of those exercises in overflowing imagination, in unclassifiable collage: eighties geometric shapes that merge out of old iconography, playing with the song’s marked rhythm and with the figure of Julie. It is a delight in every sense of the word.



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