MARIA RODÉS Y LA ESTRELLA DE DAVID "Zombi" Single Digital and Video-Clip

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“Hacer El Amor” was a breath of fresh air, a surprise that put us on the trail of a very special project from two of the most inspired and prolific artists on the Spanish indie scene. “Zombi” confirms that something big is coming after summer. A new country-folk gem – delicate, traditionalist, another declaration of love, moving. But the most important thing is without a doubt how the personalities of these two great composers is highlighted, in the music, and especially in the lyrics. The feeling that they are baring themselves to us and showing themselves in the most direct, honest way, but also with such a special sense of humor (that is just who they are, right?). Maria Rodés, that folk singer with the sweet, nuanced voiced. David, that eclectic illustrator of songs, capable of taking us to unknown places in the most surprising company. And the wedding vows. Listen to those vows.

And the magnificent video by Aitor Urbaneja reflects all this marvelously. With an absolutely magnificent use of light and photography (thanks to Toni Llobet), and a 3/4 format that imitates the 16mm, we see our protagonists moving through absolutely deserted touristic coastal towns, and their empty karaokes, cheap motel rooms... Something like bringing “Fargo” to our most idiosyncratic Mediterranean coast. And then the magic happens: shared looks, walks, and that hotel room dance that blows your mind. We don’t need JohnTravolta and Uma Thurman anymore; we have Maria and David. We can leave The Big Lebowski behind; we want these two. Because listening to the whole song, watching the whole video and loving them a little more is all one and the same.




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