STILL DREAMS: "Ultra Doomed" Digital Single

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At Elefant Records, we have always had a weakness for Asian pop groups. And we have taken in groups from Japan, China, Korea, the Philippines… METRO, THE PANCAKES, MY LITTLE AIRPORT, MARINE LIFE, VENUS PETER, MAYLOVE, PHOTO JENNY, Edine, COLOR FILTER and THE PENELOPES are just a few of the names that comprise an indelible part of our catalogue.

That is why we are so proud of being able to add STILL DREAMS, a Japanese duo made up of the couple Maaya and Ryuta, with widespread tendencies toward indie-pop, synth-pop, and shoegazing. Their introduction on our label is this advance Digital Single for their upcoming Mini-LP for our collection “New Adventures In Pop”. The star of this single is “Ultra Doomed”, an exercise in synth-pop, evocative, with great melodies, and which could fit somewhere between SAINT ETIENNE, NEW ORDER and THE HUMAN LEAGUE. What’s more, we have “Envy” as the exclusive song of this single, with its clear echoes of THE CURE’s “Just Like Heaven”. It lays its indie-pop spirit with remnants of melancholy out for us, which STILL DREAMS makes shine.

And then, the video that goes along with the title track shows Maaya moving through the streets of Osaka, with excellent photographic work and direction by Kodai Kitanobo, who makes the nighttime lights work toward the hypnotic effect of the soundtrack.

Finally, the cover art is an interesting exercise in manga drawing, illustrated by KNN.5 from Thailand. It is an absolutely exquisite appetizer to initiate us into the world of a group that promises great, dreamy moments.



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