TRONCO: "Volveré" Single and Video Advance Album

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We are dying for you to hear “Nainonai”, the second album from TRONCO. It is different and special – one of those small albums that are pure gold and wind up becoming part of that unique selection of music that makes up the soundtrack of your life, the same way that NOSOTRÄSH’s “Popemas” or LE MANS’ debut did. That’s why, while we’re waiting, we are bringing you this new advance single that makes all the reasons we think this album is so special clear. Because “Volveré” has the pop essence of Adam Green, the endlessly childish air of THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS, the love of roots that show the bits of playful rumba that Peret would definitely be crazy about. Because in less than two minutes, with the naivety of a child’s smile, it gets right to you and melts you from within.


Like that magnificent video directed by Laura Pascual, where Conxita finds herself in a sort of “Groundhog Day” that takes her from one place to the next, like on of Wes Anderson’s colorful tales, where fantasy and the mundane come together in harmony, like the “Worlds of Coraline” with a dose of sugar. Because that is how they are - Fermí and Conxita, Conxita and Fermí, like a speck of dust floating in space: it seems so normal and like you can just go right up to it, but then when you see it close up, you realize that there is nothing else like it in the whole world.





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