THE YEARNING "Come To Me" Single

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TRACKLIST: 01 Come To Me  02 Tokyo In Spring


A few weeks ago we gave you an advance of the new THE YEARNING album, a release with multiple new things: the disco music from the end of the 70s as a leitmotiv, the appearance of Luci Ashbourne substituting Maddie Dobie on vocals, and an advance starring “Only When I’m Dancing”, the song that will be the album’s title track. This single also came with a video directed by Santi Capuz (THE LAST DETAIL, LA BIEN QUERIDA, Soleá Morente, NEVVER, AIKO EL GRUPO…), where we could see a group of girls getting ready to go out for a hedonistic night of dancing and partying. Now the new advance is here, “Come To Me”, and with it, we finish the story that we got started in the last video.

This is a mid-tempo that pays tribute to the Joe Moore’s deep admiration of ABBA, and dresses it up with traces of chanson and light Italian music, and soundtracks from erotic movies from the 70s, where Luci’s silky voice fits like a glove on this song full of melancholy. Because at the end of the story we see precisely that: the sadness before the imminent sunrise, the exhaustion of the final stretch, and the search for real emotion that can transcend the night.

And what’s more, this Digital Single comes with a previously unreleased song, “Tokyo In Spring”. It is another exercise in disco music, with that typical, syncopated piano, dreamlike strings, and a temperature fit for endless nights. So much groove, African touches, and some choruses to round out a song with a clear focus on the dance floor and obvious appreciation of a certain city, a few fantastic concerts, and some unconditional fans. 


We are so excited to show you THE YEARNING’s new songs. But most of all, for you to dance to them, with all the excitement and emotion they deserve.




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