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Shindig Happening [En]: Review "If Words Could Kill" Mini-LP 10"

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Record Review - The Silver Factory


If Words Could Kill

Elefant 10"

Pop music has a bad rap these days, what with all the bloody boy bands and manufactured one-hit wonders, but Leicester band The Silver Factory know what makes great pop music and with this seven track mini-LP on Spanish label Elefant they are taking pop music back. No gimmicks, no manufactured pap, no choreographers, just jangly guitar, unobtrusive percussion, lilting vocals and sweet, sweet pop. 

Title track and opener 'If Words Could Kill' kicks us off with the guitars swirling, reeling you in with pure indie pop before 'I Am The Sign' hints at what The Smiths might have sounded like if they had more Byrds records in their collection. 'Comedown Cherry' comes across like something US band The Shoes would have been proud to call their own, while with 'The World May Bring Us Down' the percussion steps forward but even then it’s not obtrusive, just a shuffling beat to drive the song along, to keep you on your feet before 'I'’m Alright' has you checking to make sure you haven’t hit the shuffle button and come across an unknown Hollies or Twilights song. 'Flowers On The Scene' again touches on The Smiths but there'’s still that ghost of The Shoes hanging out too, especially in the vocals. Final track 'The Sun Shines Over You (Sitar Mix)' is a bit of a throwaway instrumental but it finishes the set with a groove and a smile and you certainly can'’t fault that idea. "Pure Pop For Now People"– - didn'’t Nick Lowe once say something like that? Well old Nick was onto something and so are The Silver Factory. Now it’'s your turn.

Kami Mcinnes










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