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Revista GQ [Sp]: "Echoes And Rhymes" review

The Primitives. Lección de arqueología pop1988. Recuerdo un vídeo en el que aparecía una rubia ochentera y oxigenada que alternaba momentos de chupa de cuero y de blusa blanca de niña buena. El vídeo era “Crash”, de los británicos The Primitives, y ella no era otra que Tracy Tracy, una e…



Sound Of Violence [Fr]: "Echoes And Rhymes" review

The PrimitivesEchoes And RhymesDate de sortie : 30.04.2012Label : Elefant   Dans le grand carrousel des reformations de groupes revenant remuer des années 2000-2010 en manque de figures de proue, voici venu le tour de The Primitives.Certains mettent en avant le plaisir de rejouer ensemble, d'aut…



Pitchfork [Usa]: "Echoes And Rhymes" review

The Primitives Echoes and Rhymes Elefant; 2012 By Ned Raggett The cover art of the new Primitives album, their first full length in 21 years, offers a good idea of what the UK group was always about. Even a glance tells you they're of a certain time and place, an era where song titles appeared o…



Harmonic Distortion [Uk]: "Echoes And Rhymes" review

The Primitives - Echoes And Rhymes  Coventry's indie popsters return with a feast of obscure '60s covers.Wait around long enough and it seems every band eventually reforms. The allure of the stage and public adoration is just too much to resist. Whether it's The Stone Roses or The Beach …



Musik Express [Ger]: "Echoes And Rhymes" review

Retro-Spaß mit Mädchengesang POP The Primitives feiern nach 17 Jahren Comeback   (sr). Poppig wie Blondie, intellektuell wie die Smiths und punkig wie die Buzzcocks. Daswaren "The Primitives" zu ihrer Hochzeit. 1986 zum Beispiel, als die englische Band mit "Crash" einen veritablen Hit hatte. Das gil…



Mojo [Uk]: "Echoes And Rhymes" review 4*



Critical Mob [Usa]: Video of the day “Turn Off The Moon”

Video of the Day: The Primitives By Stewart Mason     If you're in that part of the Venn Diagram where the circles for fans of late '80s UK indie pop and Stanley Kubrick's Lolita intersect [most of the CM staff are raising their hands at this point], have we got a Friday morning treat f…











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