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PeekABoo [En]: "Lose The Reason" Single 7" review

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Lose The Reason [VINYL]




If you had placed a bet on a The Primitives reunion 10 years ago, I am quite sure some bookmakers would have paid a few bucks for that. Luckily in 2009 the band decided to play live again. from there on, things kind of went their way, basically.   


The first outing was the Never Kill A Secret-EP and they followed that with a new album Echoes And Rhymes in 2012, an album of coverversions of at times rather obscure songs of female-fronted bands.   


Now they are back with a new 2-track single on Elefant Records. Already the beginning of Lose The Reason with organ sounds and handclaps shows us, we are in for a treat. An excellent upbeat popsong with shared vocals by Tracy Tracy and Paul Court. The stuff you always loved about The Primitives, it is all there in all its strength. The B-side Always Coming Back needs probably a spin or two more with a moodier sound and late 60's-style to appreciate the hypnotic guitarmelody.   


Lose The Reason is available as limited edition 7" and as download as well.     













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