THE PRIMITIVES: “Lose The Reason” 7" with 2 new songs [18th February]

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After the unique and much praised covers album, “Echoes and Rhymes”, THE PRIMITIVES are releasing a new single, a limited-edition 45 featuring two new, original songs. On one side, the title track, “Lose The Reason” goes back to THE PRIMITIVES at their most hyper, most urgent, mixing addictive choruses, with accelerated guitars, and a vocal duel between Paul and Tracy Tracy that, like a dispirited Sonny and Cher, moves ambiguously between provocative and spiteful mocking to bitterness over love lost. On the other side, we have “Always Coming Back,” a song that gives way to their more sixties-styled leanings, as if Nancy Sinatra or Bobbie Gentry had joined THE VELVET UNDERGROUND to do a cover of a BEATLES’ song, while Tracy sings of some mysterious force from the past holding sway once again.

This is proof that the group is still fully charged and full of inspiration, and these songs make us dream of a new and magnificent album of fresh material. We are waiting impatiently. 





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