THE PANCAKES is the musical solo project of a Hong Kong girl called Dejay. After being in bands such as THE POSTCARD, GINGER BISCUITS and TRICYCLE RIDERS, Dejay decided to start making music by herself. She released her first album in January 2000. It was called “Les bonbons sont bons” and was released in her own label, managing to sell more than 8000 copies in Hong Kong. Dejay also writes a fanzine called “Sofa”.



Her second album was out on late 2000, in Rewind, Hong Kong only: this time was a double cd under the title of “Pancakes can panick”. CD one included new PANCAKES songs; CD two was reserved to PANCAKES remixes and cover versions done by bands and friends close to Dejay.


It must be mentioned that several PANCAKES songs have been used in Hong Kong TV commercials: “Patronage” appeared in a commercial by HSBC (the biggest bank in the country) whereas “A” featured in a commercial of Kowloon Motor Bus company. The latter obtained an award for best use of music. Besides, music by THE PANCAKES is used in a series of San Miguel beer commercials only for Hong-Kong (despite the brand is Spanish!).


Dejay’s favourite bands are THE APPLES IN STEREO, BLUR, TOOG, HOFF DYLAN or CAKE, and the music she makes can be defined as fresh, fizzy techno pop, endearing and bouncy, with lo-fi sound and effervescent colours.


THE PANCAKES’ first record for Elefant is “Captain curtain”, a six-song seven inch single released in March 2001 as part of our single club.


In November 2001 we release the first album by THE PANCAKES in Elefant, called “Flying in the blue sky on a frying pan”. featuring fifteen delightful tracks that will be well received by all those that got to know Dejay thanks to the song “Stupid star”, included in “Elefant Dosmiluno” compilation.


In December 01 THE PANCAKES plays several live dates in countries such as Japan, France; she opens for STEREOTOTAL in Germany and plays her first live date in Spain (Madrid, Ocho y Medio Club, Friday 14). Dejay also makes some appearances on several radio shows, most notably on Radio 3’s “Discogrande”, where she plays some acoustic tracks.

Elefant discography:
ER-232 “Captain curtain” Single 2001
ER-1075 “Flying in the blue sky on a frying pan” CD 2001


Songs in compilations:
"Stupid star” in ELEFANT DOSMILUNO -(ER-1083 CD 2001)








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