THE HEPBURNS (feat. Estella Rosa) "Seagulls On A Frozen Lake" Single Digital

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When we talk seriously about the release of “Architecture Of The Ages”, that exquisite album that THE HEPBURNS and Estella Rosa made during the confinement, we really highlight the two contrasting faces of “Seagulls On A Frozen Lake”: its delicious melodies, with touches of bossa and lounge that work in contrast to the profoundly sad lyrics. That is why we have chosen this single as the last digital release for this exquisite album – the song excites and moves in so many different directions, it can be enjoyed in so many different ways, and it creates a special feeling in the listener. In addition to the title track, this release also includes a previously unreleased song, “Bad Before”, which pushes that multi-directionality even further. As the bass and drums of Mike Thomas and Les Mun construct an amazing “partido alto”, and Estella Rosa's beautiful vocal imparts kaleidoscopic light and color to a song that is once again bathed in bossanova, Matt's lyrics talk bluntly about the hardships of growing old, and the existential plight of those who find that “old age does not come alone” and that “pieces of you disappear long before it all ends”. Like listening to a João Gilberto record while reading Jean-Paul Sartre, one does not know whether to dance or despair. But don't despair. A song like this is for dancing to, and no matter how bleak the subject matter, THE HEPBURNS' music is always full of joy.


And to top things off, Raquel Calvo (who has made those marvelous animated videos for Giorgio Tuma, OS PEREGRINOS and Soleá Morente, among many others) has made a lyric-video full of sixties textures for the title track, and an art-track for the B-side, where she once again plays up her elegance, good taste and inimitable knack for colors. Enjoy.




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