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BBC 6, Gideon Coe [En]: "Label Of Love" is Elefant Records



B-Magazine [Es]: Crònica | MINIFESTIVAL 2016. Mestres, alumnes i delícies melòmanes

El que s’havia plantejat com un epíleg a l’edició 2016 del MINIFESTIVAL va esdevenir un segon acte en tota regla i amb un cartell d’impacte. The Catenary Wires, Sea Lion, Alondra Galopa, Rombo, Jessica & The Fletchers i Obrigada van desfilar per les Basses en la que va esdevenir u…



B-Magazine [Cat]: Artesanía Pop

THE CATENARY WIRES, artesania popTHE CATENARY WIRES és la nova aventura d’Amelia Fletcher i Rob Pursey. Dues veus històriques de l’indie britànic que mostren la seva cara més malencònica i reflexiva a “Red Red Skies”. El presentaran en directe el 7 de maig al Minifestival. P…



Abus Dangereux [Fr]: "Red Red Skies" mini-album [Review]



Radio Nowhere [En]: Best of 2015

RadioNowhere's Best of 2015Compiled by the staff at Ley Bricknell, Piney Gir, Christopher Laird, Judy Neuhaus & Jessie Ward O’Sullivan. RadioNowhere’s Album of the Year – THE SCHOOL: Wasting Away And Wondering     ‘If it’s good, they’ll find …



The Sound Of Confusion [Es]: "Red Red Skies" [Review]

The Catenary Wires - Red Red Skies  Article by KevWYou couldn't exactly call The Catenary Wires a wild deviation from what Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey (both members of fuzz-pop band Talulah Gosh and Tender Trap amongst others) have done in the past, but on their first album under this guise,…



Indietracks [En]: The Catenary Wires [Interview]

Indietracks interview #18: The Catenary Wiresnterview by Andy (A Fog Of Ideas) . Wikipedia tells me that ‘a catenary is a system of overhead wires used to supply electricity to a locomotive, streetcar, or light rail vehicle which is equipped with a pantograph’. The Catenary Wires are Am…











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