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THE CATENARY WIRES is a new band formed by Amelia Fletcher and Rob PurseyAmelia and Rob have been playing main roles in the most delicate, precious side of Uk indie pop. Names like TALULAH GOSH, HEAVENLY, MARINE RESEARCH or TENDER TRAP will ring a bell in any pop fan from all over the world, from the States to Japan. All these bands reached a cult status in indieland worldwide due to the perfection of their crystal-like melodies.




Elefant Records has always followed the trace of Amelia and company, by releasing in Spain several of their albums: HEAVENLY’s “This is Heavenly” compilation and swansong “Operation Heavenly”, as well as “Sounds from the gulf stream”, the only album released by MARINE RESEARCH. These records documented the constant progression of this pop bunch, from the messy teen-punk-pop of TALULAH GOSH to the most mature moments of late HEAVENLY MARINE RESEARCH or TENDER TRAP.











Release “Intravenous” advance digital Single of the album to be released in June in Mini-LP 10” and CD Digipak formats 








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