Elefant Records release the first single of The Carrots: "Doing Our Part"

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THE CARROTS is the latest group to be signed to Elefant Records, a six piece group from Austin, Texas which play mega-melodic pop inspired by the girl groups of the sixties like THE SUPREMES, THE ANGELS, THE SHIRELLES and THE SHANGRILA’S. The members also play in other indie groups from their city (VOXTROT, FINALLY PUNK, GENE DEFCON, THE PRIMA DONNAS, and dozens more!). They met in 2005 through an ad placed in myspace by Veronica Ortuno (vocals), who looked for people to play in a group like THE RONETTES, THE COOKIES and THE CRYSTALS. That’s when the six-some became a family  (now with eight members for their live shows) with Jennifer Moore (keyboard and vocals), Chris Lyons (bass), Jason Chef Pittman (drums), Erin Budd (backup vocals) and Stephanie Chan (guitar and backup vocals).
After their first performance in South by Southwest (SXSW), one of the most important festivals in the United States, and the recording of their first demos, their existence reached the radar of Elefant Records. Fascinated by their sound and their delicious songs, we decided to immediately sign them. Finally, after a lot of hard work, in 2008 their first single will come out. They survived a very intense 2007 recording with Eric Wofford in Cacophony Studio (a studio where people like Bill Callahan, FRIENDS OF DEAN MARTINEZ, MY MORNING JACKET, OKKERVIL RIVER, SHEARWATER and VOXTROT recorded, among others), which had to be interrupted due to the enormous amount of shows and other band commitments. "Doing our part,” is a song which obviously shows their ability to construct music with perfect melodies and marvellous vocal tricks, filled with a playful and upbeat spirit.  They used the same format of the 50’s and 60’s to release this single- vinyl singles with four tracks. The songs from this single are like mega-vitamin breakfasts prescribed by  THE MARVELETTES ("Doing Our Part"), like the memory of an old photo of Buddy Holly on a coloured folder ("Jimmy Don’t Cry"), the melody THE PIPETTES might want for their next album ("Secret Since 99"), and like the yearning of Mary Wells ("Lady of givens"). With these clear influences, they still manage to do it like nobody else, thanks to their fresh, fun and hip project. THE CARROTS are one and only inside the musical world we live in today.

Don’t get confused with the broken up Spanish band CARROTS from Grabaciones en el Mar.



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