SUNLIT "Don't Cry Tonight" Single Digital

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There are songs that were written to be listened to with a broken heart. The daring. Only in that moment when you feel like you're moving through muddy water, that song is waiting to receive you and keep you afloat. Only the chosen ones, those that were created in similar circumstances (like this italo-disco classic from SAVAGE) can pull it off. Joe Moore gives us this gift of a fourth single, and the last advance from his project SUNLIT’s debut album, which is a revision somewhere between the luminosity of the COCTEAU TWINS from “Heaven Or Las Vegas” and the darkness of THE CURE from “Disintegration”. It takes us to the dark side of the heart. A side we spend a lot of time in, in our lives, and where we need company. “Don't Cry Tonight” is positioning itself as one of the best versions that you will be able to enjoy this 2024.






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