SUNLIT: "Someone So Beautiful" Single Digital

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The third advance single from Joe Moore’s new project, and something tells us that SUNLIT might be the most special one yet. The sincerity in the lyrics, the close, melancholic emotions in the songs running high, full of tenderness, all lead us to believe this. “Someone So Beautiful” is here as proof. This song is a caress in and of itself, swaying with those reverbs that make us feel like we are in a dream, that evokes some of those incomparable gems that have accompanied us in our most solitary moments: THE FIELD MICE, RED HOUSE PAINTERS, ANOTHER SUNNY DAY, BRIAN and GALAXIE 500. This is a special, unique, inimitable sound, that the British composer transports us to, showing us once again his love of music, his infinite inspiration and his talent with production work. Enjoy.





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