SOLEÁ MORENTE " Mi Vida Es Para Mí" Single Digital

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Another song has arrived from that already famous album that Soleá Morente is making with Guille Milkyway (LA CASA AZUL), and everything is pointing to another leap of faith, a new exploration in unknown territory, another sharp turn in a career called unexpected and improvised globetrotting. After “Vamos A Olvidar” and “Gitana María”, we now have “Mi Vida Es Para Mí”, a song that gives us a sneak peak into the more intimate part of this collaboration. It is also very special for both of them, since it was the first song that wrote together in Guille’s studio, a space where sparks fly every time they get together. On “Mi Vida Es Para Mí” we can clearly recognize Soleá, who shows herself and opens her heart with no hesitation, where she gathers strength to reaffirm herself, where she shows her insecurities with ease (“And it’s funny, all the stupid things you said / That it wasn’t star material at all / Not indie, not pop, not flamenco”), where she looks for that turning point, that support that changes everything. “I feel so empty / And drinking doesn’t work / And Valium fucks me up / I’m going to annihilate the time I wasted / My life is for me”. To do so she uses vertiginous references; “Mi Vida Es Para Mí” navigates between the nebulous terrain of WEYES BLOOD, the sonic confidence of ST. VINCENT, the intimate epic-ness of Lorde, the introspective melancholy of BEACH HOUSE and the dense landscapes of TAME IMPALA. Electrifying, high voltage, emotions right on the surface in every sense. Right down to the cover photo by Pablo Hoyos. It’s all so wonderful.






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