SOLEÁ MORENTE "Sembré Una Esperanza • Se Acabó" Single Digital

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As we continue to get advances from Soleá Morente’s upcoming album, the one she’s working on together with Guille Milkyway, our prolific artist is filling this empty space for us with a very special single. Two songs, two versions, two challenges and a gorgeous photo by Neelam Khan Vela.


The first song, “Sembré Una Esperanza”, is taken from “Sacromonte” (which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, in November 2022), one of Soleá’s favorite albums by her father, Enrique Morente. The Granada-born singer already includes this song in her live shows with power and energy, and here she gives us an exquisite elegance, with a magnificent instrumentation with Arabic echoes, and marvelous arrangements and an exotic tone – a mix of flamenco, rock, and Arabian sounds. It’s an amazing surprise, produced by Alonso Díaz of NAPOLEÓN SOLO, with whom she already worked in 2018 on her album “Ole Lorelei” – a very important album in the history of pop in our country, which boasts the excellent production work of Alonso and includes “Baila Conmigo”, one of her most famous songs.


The second song, “Se Acabó” is originally by María Jiménez. It is a version recorded for a documentary about the Sevilla-native singer, produced by LA ESTRELLA DE DAVID and Sergio Pérez, where she brings an agile and sparkly rumba to the current sound, emptying the rhythms with drier bases, and showing us once again her ability to play with styles, sounds and decades.


Her giving us these two magnificent songs while we wait for her to show us, piece by piece, an album with such radically different parameters, just reminds us how great Soleá is. Chameleonic, she’s good at shedding her skin, changing the rules of the game, breaking through stereotypes and prejudices. And even better, she does it all with elegance, with style, with inspiration and emotion. Bravo.


TRACKLIST: 01 Sembré Una Esperanza  02 Se Acabó







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