SOLEÁ MORENTE (feat. Estrella Morente) “El Pañuelo De Estrella” Single Digital and Video-Clip

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We are continuing that marvelous journey to the childhood and family of Soleá Morente through her tremendous album, “Aurora Y Enrique”, which is now indelibly marked in the minds of thousands. And it’s time to look at that exquisite tribute to her sister Estrella with “El Pañuelo De Estrella”, a song that starts off with synthesizers and dreampop, and moves little by little into flamenco and fusion territory, developing into a delicate, fragile and emotional piece. This Digital Single once again stands out with an excellent audiovisual document, in this case directed by Juanma Carrillo (who has worked before with Soleá, as well as with LA BIEN QUERIDA, LA CASA AZUL, RUSH WEEK ...), and which opens with a marvelous shot in an old street, representing two generations of the Morente Carbonell family. The video makes us complicit in a contagious evocation of the past and present of Soleá and Estrella’s relationship (both of whom are of course in the video), in flamenco caves and theatres, in the cobblestone streets. And once again we get goosebumps, and have tears in our eyes, and catch the feeling of being privileged spectators of authentic emotions, unique memories, an unrepeatable moment in time. And we couldn’t be more grateful. Grateful to the Morente Carbonell family. Grateful to Soleá. Grateful for such generosity.


TRACKLIST: 01 El Pañuelo De Estrella (Feat. Estrella Morente)




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