rebe "Marisol" Single y Video-clip

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We are just crazy about rebe. If “solo pasiones…” already had us completely hypnotized, confirming her status as a pioneer and rara avis of outer-space erotic pop, now she is snapping us to attention with a straight shot to the heart. “Marisol” begins with a deformed, filtered cover of the classic pasodoble “El Gato Montés”, authentic early XX century vibes oozing out of every note. And then the song takes off: where before rebe sounded silky, here she sounds capricious, crazed, unpredictable; the song flirty, playful, electronic pop; they lyrics bloody, shameless, passionate, painful. Absolutely radical bizarre pop and at the same time dazzling, seductive, highly catchy and addictive. Because rebe inhabits unoccupied territories, even if we think that everything has already been done. It would make Susana Estrada sound elegant, CAMELA sound delicate, LAS CHUCHES seem as exquisite as Cecilia. She would make the town fair open-air concerts sound like delicatessen pop.

For this single, more danceable than the previous ones, she has been lucky enough to work on the concept with OTRO (Aaron Morris) and have Lorenzo Matellán contribute on the mastering. The song sticks in the memory instantly, euphorically dramatic, marvelously great. Because that’s what we’re talking about, isn’t it?





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