Entering rebe’s universe is not just entering her liquid and effervescent, analogical and playful, sensual and extra smooth bedroom pop, somehow connected to artists as personal and incomparable as Ana D, VAINICA DOBLE, Jeanette and HIDROGENESSE (and do not be mistaken – she does not sound like any of them). It is also entering her poignant vintage esthetic, her dreamlike filters, that strangely zoomer and immeasurable universe that is her Instagram, her lyrics and her abbreviated way of writing, in her inexplicable videos. All of this makes it difficult to talk about rebe using only her songs. Everything she creates can be enjoyed separately, but the real journey, the one that leaves you surprised and with your heart racing, is the whole package.


Extended biography

rebe started out as part of the group LULI REBE & SUS XOCOLATINAS along with her friend Luli and the omnipresent Cardevore, her travel partner who has helped out with productions and performances. But soon her incredible personality began to reveal itself, and made it necessary to start a solo project.

The first thing to be officially released, through the labels Snap! Clap! Club and Jeanne D’Arc, was a cassette with her debut, “Recuerdos de cuando me aplastó una roca y me morí” (2019) which sold out hours before it was even released, and which came wrapped in hand-sewn cloth covers that rebe made herself. The same thing happened with the vinyl re-release of the album. On it, we can find authentic sonic and melodic discoveries (and that production work!). And one of the things that made her start to considerably increase her range of followers: the covers. She throws songs like “Ni Una Sola Palabra” (Paulina Rubio) and “Ramito De Violetas” (she says it is based above all on MANZANITA’s cover) in the mixer with absolute equanimity. But we can also find absolutely marvelous songs of her own on this debut, including the especially stunning, “Cuki q me has exo”, with magnificent melodic and harmonic development, hazy production, and that style of writing that radically clashes with how elegant the sound is. Elegance that smells like mothballs and neon sparkles. To try to explain it in some way. Once again, it is impossible to define the undefinable.

She continues releasing songs outside of the regular formats, like her groundbreaking cover of “Corazón Partío” by Alejandro Sanz, her revision of THE SHIRELLES with the priceless “Me amarás mañana..¿” and the marvelous sensibility and delicacy that is “wapa wapa wapa wapa wapa wapa”.

At the end of 2019, her activity begins to rise. She makes an appearance at events like Prom Fest, and Puwerty 2019, a festival for multi-disciplinary adolescent talent. Shortly after that, she signs with Elefant Records. And now in 2020, she is releasing an EP, “Recuerdos un poco antes y un poco después de conocer a 1 xico (el mío)”, which is taking her to Donosti (Sabadabada), Valencia (La Marina) and Barcelona (Meteoro).

"solo pasiones..." Mini LP 10" Link

rebe "Marisol" Single and Video-clip

“Marisol” begins with a deformed, filtered cover of the classic pasodoble “El Gato Montés”, authentic early XX century vibes oozing out of every note. And then the song takes off: where before rebe sounded silky, here she sounds capricious, crazed, unpredictable; the song flirty, playful, electronic pop; they lyrics bloody, shameless, passionate, painful. Absolutely radical bizarre pop and at the same time dazzling, seductive, highly catchy and addictive.

rebe "hasta el fin..." Single and Video-clip

To enter rebe’s world is to enter a dangerous but thrilling universe that is equal parts murky and sweet, uncomfortable and disturbing. Each new song is like one of those dirty secrets of state that only a lucky few know. And the latest one is in “hasta el fin…”, a song that she produced herself, and that was arranged by OTRO (Aaron Morris). And we already know what that means: lysergic stylings and pop, Alfonso Santisteban and Marisa Medina, Bebu Silvetti and Jane Birkin, possession and spitefulness. And the video, created by both rebe and OTRO, reflects this perfectly: the visual esthetic of the seventies (those greys, those hazy flashes), the makeup and the decoration as a doll were walking through that classic Spanish small-town fair. And then she sings, “Dice mi madre que desde que te veo / Me duele la tripa, se me enreda el pelo / Dicen que desde que bebí de tu boca / Yo me volví loca” (My mom says that since I saw you / My stomach hurts, my hair is in knots / They say since I drank from your mouth / I have gone crazy) and you fall completely under her spell and that way she has of talking about the deepest, most addictive love, “Mete tu mano debajo de mi falda / Juntos estaremos hasta el fin / Besa mi pelo, tócame la cara” (Put your hand under my skirt / We’ll be together till the end / Kiss my hair, touch my face). Since her last single, “Marisol”, she mixes her whispers with the most heartfelt shouts inherited from the flamenco tradition, with influences from MORENA Y CLARA, LAS CHUCHES, LA MARELU and ADELA LA CHAQUETA. rebe continues to be absolutely unique and enthralling.








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