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Let us introduce you to Tokyo’s best hidden secret: a delightful dúo of acoustic, jangly pop which will be exceptionally well received by pop lovers all over the world.


PHOTO JENNY is formed by Satomi Takeuchi (female vocals) and Tetsuya Kobayashi (guitar and male vocals). They started playing on late 1997 and so far they’ve released two Japan-only CD-Singles: "Tier Quartet" and "Painted kites", the last one through Rock Records, which also releases stuff from Minty Fresh and 4AD in that country. Besides, PHOTO JENNY have contributed with songs in compilations made by several Japanese labels, most notably the prestigious Flavour of Sound.


Tokyo seems to be the epicenter of pop right now: records from all parts of the world, from all styles and ages arrive to the shops in famous Shibuya district, ready to be consumed by a new generation of pop addicts. Satomi and Tetsuya used to work in a record shop, and this way they were exposed to a great number of influences -not only pop but also jazz, film soundtracks, bossa nova, French music- which contribute to enrich their songs and make them so inspired and fresh.


PHOTO JENNY’s music is pop reduced to its minimal expression: there’s no percussion, only guitars, vocals, small keyboard touches... and very good songs. These ingredients are more than enough to make these four songs really enjoyable for all pop lovers. They are so carefully composed and beautifully rendered that it’s very easy to fall in love in them in the first listening.


This is PHOTO JENNY’s first european record, which we hope it will help to make them a name in the overcrowded international pop scene. No doubt tracks like "Clover chain" or "Painted kites" deserve it.








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