Papa Topo release their second single, "La chica vampira"

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They are nothing less than a phenomenon, and nobody can deny it. They are one of the clearest and most shocking examples of the effect of the internet. And they have accumulated a lot of achievements since the world first heard of them: Everett True, the prestigious journalist from the New Musical Express, Melody Maker and other sources… makes “Oso Panda” the song of the day on his super popular blog; they are the stars of the Elefant party at Primavera Sound, invited by MySpace; they appear, drawn by Ortega y Pacheco, in El Jueves, which causes a commotion on the indie-pop scene; their videos “Oso Panda” and “Lo que me gusta del verano es poder tomar helado” overloaded Youtube with hits – more than 20,00 in just a few hours – which made it the second most viewed video on the whole website and the number 1 video in the music category (currently, “Oso Panda” has been played more than 400,000 times). As a result, television stations like Sol Musica play it constantly and it even got to be number 1 on MTV’s Top 20; Paulita’s and Adrià’s blogs have an important number of followers, who praise their good and widely-ranged tastes in music. Above all, they sold out the entire printing of their first single, “Oso Panda” (which is already a collector’s item), in just over two weeks – which is amazing – and it was sold all over the world.

So now the anxiously awaited moment has arrived, to grab a hold of the new release. And if “Oso Panda” represented the poppiest part of the group formed by Adrià and Paulita, “La chica vampira” is the punk part. Once again Guille Milkyway is responsible for the production, and our friends from Mallorca leave all the fans of the Twilight saga dumbstruck with their defiant and unpretentious song, that definitely has some of the posings of the best of LOS PEGAMOIDES and the urgency of HELEN LOVE and PLASTIC BERTRAND, with Paulita playing up her brazen and rebellious innocence, which has already won her so many fans. Attitude. The limited edition, 7” single’s B-side has “Capuchas de lluvia”, which, despite starting off like something between THE BEATLES, Francis Lai and Claudine Longet, is soon invaded by distorted guitars soaked in the first songs by LUSH or RIDE, the PALE SAINTS or SLOWDIVE and becomes a song with a certain air of melancholy. This is definitely a new release that will satisfy our ravenous appetites for new songs from our current favorite group. We’ll see what new limits they’re capable of blowing out of the water. The world is theirs.

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