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On March “Rotación y Traslación” Mini-LP is released, a delicious white vinyl that gives us an advance of the many unknown facets of PAPA TOPO, and that makes us think that Adriá and Paulita’s career still has so much for us to discover, and we are excitedly giving ourselves over to them, once again.

PAPA TOPO is delving into the more elegant aspect of their pop, keeping the dose of addictiveness intact and proving that, despite their young age, they enjoy the versatility and open-mindedness that few can boast, backed by a band of up to 15 members, including string and wind sections, the solid production of Gerard Civat, Manel Ibañez and PAPA TOPO themselves. We have proof of this on “En Un Momento”, the song that opens this release, with a bit of Jeanette for that touch of soul (that wah wah, those trumpets), and a phrasing that occasionally reminds us of Teresa Iturrioz or Helena Miquel, and that ends as if it were one of Françoise Hardy’s most romantic songs. “Robot” begins as if it wanted to pay homage to THE RONETTES with lyrics that would delight our beloved PARADE, ending with a reminder of the most intense moments, among electric guitars. “Roselles I Esbarzers” is a delicious curiosity sung in Mallorquin that wanders between the vitality of SHOP ASSISTANTS and LA CASA AZUL to the poppier side of Soul and early LE MANS, and brings color to our memories and smiles to our faces.

The B-side opens with the infinite gem “Acomodador”, which could become a Spanish-language pop gem without much effort at all, with its ye-ye arrangements and its beyond-perfect melodies, cradled by dreamy string arrangements that have nothing to envy of the ones that Jane Scarpantoni did for Adam Green on that glorious “Friends Of Mine”. On “Siesta”,Adriá (who, by the way, is once again in charge of song-writing and arrangements for all the songs on the album) goes all-in for a “tight” piece with echoes of Chris Montez, bossa and lounge, among lazy phrasings and sassy, slow-eyed looks. To wrap things up, “Sanguijela” returns to the urgency, finding a curious but effective space between the period of ARCADE FIRE and the immediacy of the PEGAMOIDES, and Paulita’s last line, “Ya lo dijo San Mateo, no le deis perlas al cerdo” (San Mateo already said it, don’t waste your talents on people who can’t appreciate them), which takes us straight to the song’s culmination.


Click here to watch the video-clip of "En Un Momento"



A new period is beginning for PAPA TOPO, and there are some important changes. A few weeks ago we at Elefant received the sad news that Paulita was leaving the group…


PAPA TOPO New rotation cycle



18/03/2013 PAPA TOPO’s first single with their new line-up, a limited-edition, blood-red vinyl!!! ...


PAPA TOPO: Release “Sangre en los zapatos”, a new 4-song single. It’s the first release with their new line-up.






Release “Ópalo Negro”, advance Digital Single from their album “Ópalo Negro”. As an appetizer, we give you the single that gives their long-awaited debut album its name. “Ópalo Negro” is a surprising, multi-faceted song with a solid, cohesive sound, that at the same time has such diverse influences as GOLPES BAJOS, French electro-pop from the 80’s, Carlos Berlanga, Italo disco, and the addictiveness of choruses so very LA CASA AZUL. This is definitively a futuristic bolero with electronic bases and arrangements; a small tribute that goes from Sara Montiel’scollaborations with Nacho Canut andCarlos Berlanga to Liza Minnelli’s with the PET SHOP BOYS.

“Ópalo Negro” also includes a video directed by Marc Ferrer, who co-directed the video for “Sangre En Los Zapatos (Mi Amor)” with Anna Díaz and who just released his first feature-length, “Nos Parecía Importante”, which PAPA TOPO perform in and which Adrià wrote the soundtrack for. In the video, the usual aspects of Adrià’s imagery shine: supernatural incidents, dance, B-series terror.



Release their first album "Ópalo Negro". It’s a close, agile album, but that also requires multiple listenings in order to digest everything in it. Perfectly perfect pop, open and honest, unprejudiced, with no limitations. Everything fits in with PAPA TOPO. “Ópalo Negro” is something more than a handful of songs from various and opposing points of origin. It is a musical lesson. A melodic philosophy. A way of living through the songs. Incontestable. Exemplary. Highly enjoyable.








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