NEVVER "Tu Boca Mordiéndome El Labio" Single Digital

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NEVVER has made a dramatic entrance with their new, now imminent release, “999”. With the production of LEFTEE and RARE (from the Toxic Pop collective in Valencia), they have been able to focus their sound from a different perspective, getting more direct, even more danceable songs – without losing the original melancholy and roughness – as a result.  The second single we’re advancing from the release, “Tu Boca Mordiéndome El Labio”, is the song that most clearly builds a bridge between the past and the present. Closer to trap, with that slow, dry phrasing, with just the right dose of autotune, but with cushions of sound that range between dreamlike and bucolic, and that turn the city’s solitude and darkness into the most beautiful – and at the same time saddest – landscapes. This is captured in the lyric video, recorded by the band themselves, where we see the silent part of a bustling city at a time when it is impossible to find silence, and where all the characters are anonymous. With its grainy texture, openly avoiding perfectionism, we become another resident of this nameless city. Because NEVVER’s songs are the city, buildings, streetlights, highways, dimmed lights, closed blinds, and people aimlessly wandering. Those are the parameters of the poetry. Because ultimately, that is what makes NEVVER’s music so special, beyond the brilliant production and instrumentation. Because their verses and notes are palpable; because they are drops of urban expressionism in a neorealist poem.




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