NEVVER "Tiernos Maullidos Eléctricos" Single Digital

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After a debut that revealed them to be one of the most interesting groups on the Spanish music panorama, creating a personalized mix of shoegazing, trap and other current styles, NEVVER is back with new songs. And as soon as you hit play, you can tell – some of these new songs are much more clearly aimed for the dance floor. The lyrics are still distressed, sad, but this time that personalized hybridization that we get from Javier Aparicio is a combination of house, electronic pop, techno-pop and even

bedroom-pop. Part of this is explained by LEFTEE and RARE’s participation in the production, both of whom are members of the Valencia-based Toxic Pop collective, who have already produced and collaborated with other Elefant groups, like LABORDE and AMOR BUTANO.


On “Tiernos Maullidos Eléctricos” (co-produced by NEVVER and RARE), this first advance Digital Single for the upcoming album (that will be called “999” and which will be here in a few months), all of the above is made loud and clear. The lyrics about needing time and space, about redemption, are dressed up with a synth-pop base, cushioned by keyboards, ethereal guitars and arpeggiators. It’s a sort of cross between M83 and THE BLAZE, ODEZENNE and even CHICO BLANCO. This new mix, the new sound, creates a very special contrast with lyrics that have also evolved in their own way to show us the darkness. The title of the song is based on a verse from the Canary Island poet Félix Francisco Casanova (1956-1976), who was ahead of his time, and who played in a band called HOVNO, with a very particular sound for that moment.


And the video, directed by Santi Capuz (LA BIEN QUERIDA, Soleá Morente, MARIA RODÉS Y LA ESTRELLA DE DAVID, etc.), shows us the group more luminous than ever, powerful, secure, direct. Amidst neon lights and wood panels, it is clear that they are a unique group, without equal on the national or international scene. Because, we love to be surprised, and we love to be excited. And if we can dance while that happens, even better.


TRACKLIST: 01 Tiernos Maullidos Eléctricos





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