NEVVER "Finde" Single Digital

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NEVVER is back with a new Digital Single, probably one of their most accessible songs so far. Their bucolic landscapes inherited from shoegaze, and the bases and phrasing closer to hip hop and trap are still there, as is that unique language that is all their own in a musical scene that has nothing even remotely similar. But “Finde” also has a catchy, euphoric, exciting chorus in a song full of nostalgia: evoking summer, the desire to repeat good times, the resignation that they will probably never happen again. This resignation includes the collaboration of a very special lyric video, with marvelous animation and a solitary and still view from a window. A window from which we can see an empty city as the night moves through it, where shadows reign and a very singular new ambiance is created. Because the music of NEVVER is an ambiance and “Finde” is, probably, their musical culmination.




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