NEVVER: "La Última Vez" Digital Single

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After that surprising debut in 10” Mini-LP format that was “Disforia”, Javier Aparicio (vocals), Borja Aranda (keyboards and guitars) and Raúl Serrano (bass) are back with new songs, maintaining that musical language that is all their own, unique, moving in their own special way between such distinct references as shoegaze, dream pop, rap and trap. They have their own language, their own special way of connecting the present and the past though an intense melancholy and sadness. Like the disagreement that “La Última Vez” narrates – dry and rough, although it has an exquisite sense of melody, and includes a marvelous collaboration from Valdivia. The Madrid-based singer (who in her own career moves within the parameters of melancholy, also playing with electronic and folk sounds), brings a sweet, raw touch, that startling beauty that shines brightly in the dark. This is a journey in time that connects us with “Primitive Painters” by FELT thirty-five years ago, that fantastic song that included the collaboration of Elizabeth Fraser from COCTEAU TWINS. The video by Santi Capuz perfectly reflects the sting of relationships that come to an end, the reproaches, that couple that looks out the window, each one from a different car.

This digital release is completed by “No Disponible”, a song where the lack of communication hidden within the world of digital multi-connection resurfaces, with arpeggios that EARLY DAY MINERS or GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR would have been thrilled to put their names on. Full of anguish and desperation, with that deep, pounding bass, it confirms the capacity of the Madrid-based trio to reflect the feelings and fears of a generation.

Two songs that repeat the unique sound of NEVVER, their capacity to play close-up, with intimacy. We cannot wait to keep enjoying the evolution of a group with such a characteristic path.


TRACKLIST: 01 La Última Vez (Feat. Valdivia)  02 No Disponible




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