“Fiebre En La Disco” is an advance single of their upcoming album, “Fuga Al Paraíso”, and it is a tribute in every way to disco music from the 70s. It’s a tribute to Studio 54, Garage Paradise, Gloria GaynorDonna Summer... Wah wahs, strings, vocoders, tight suits, and a very personal interpretation of that music and that time, creating their own space halfway between today’s two lovers of that sound - LA CASA AZUL and FITNESS FOREVER. The single comes with a remix (CCCP Remix) by the Russian musician Pavel Polyakof and his group COPY CAT PROJECT. It is a revision that brings the song’s sound 10 years ahead, with echoes of the 80s, from the beginnings of house and dreamy touches, but still maintaining the essence of the original song’s melody.


We also get two striking and spectacular videos directed by Jean-Marie Marbach; a very special futuristic dance competition. The French director is a specialist in space-effects (something that is clear in his creations) and he was also behind two of LA CASA AZUL’s best videos, “La Polinesia Meridional” and “La Fiesta Universal”, where you can also see the work of Marbach and the magic and purity the flow from his detailed work.




Release their third album "Fuga Al Paraíso". MODULAR’s new album is full of their trademark impeccable pop melodies, a solid collection of analogue synthesizers, and that certain combativeness that they acquired from their kraut influences. But “Fuga Al Paraíso” is an album focused on dance, in a tribute to the disco music of the 70s, as their advance single, “Fiebre En La Disco” let us see. But, as if they could do it any other way, it’s all in Mariana Badaracco and Pablo Dahy’s style. That means a lot of pop, kraut, some lounge music, touches of sabadabada and lot of ingenuity.








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