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Yuka Takayama: vocals y piano
Shinsuke Sunoharahi: guitar, bass, programming and backing vocals



METRO is a Japanese two-piece formed by Yuka Takayama (vocals, piano) and Shinsuke Sunoharahi (guitar, bass, programming, backing vocals). Two very young lovers of the most cosmpolitan, elegant pop.


Yuka and Shinshuke met each other at University, soon to discover their music affinities; they both were fond of labels like A&M, Cherry Red, El, Les Disques de Crepuscule...; alongside with some friends they formed a short-lived band called WEIMAR, that only managed to include a song in a Minty Fresh Japan compilation.


In March 2000 Yuka and Shinshuke form METRO, and this is the first record they release. It contains two delicate, fragile and whispery sound caresses, which bring to mind the most evenescent, ethereal sixties sounds. We are transported to a golden era of composers and performers as unforgettable and distinctive as Claudine Longet, Margo Guryan, FREE DESIGN, Nick Drake, Burt Bacharach, Antonio Carlos Jobim...


Bossa-nova, vocal jazz, easy listening, Francis Lai soundtracks, simple but exquisite arrangements and Yuka’s sweet female vocals, breathy and innocent, sexy but sort-of aloof, like the best Astrud Gilberto.


There are many bands right now with a similar background, but very few manage to come out with songs as brilliant as “Paradise lost” or “Heaven only knows”: their melodies and arrangements are so cute and brilliant they would really fit perfectly in any sixties film soundtrack.








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