MARINITA PRECARIA "Al Campo" Digital Single

imagen foto

The first physical format release from MARINITA PRECARIA, “No Me Miréis”, is finally here as part of our “New Adventures In Pop” collection. We believe that Marina Gómez Marín’s songs make her one of the biggest promises in pop in Spain, because of her personality and her melodies, along the lines of LA BIEN QUERIDA, VAINICA DOBLE or LE MANS. And we want to celebrate all of this with a new advance Digital Single taken from this vinyl that will come out in a few short days. “Al Campo” is a tribute to the love of nature and the rejection of the city, its stress, its noise and its contamination. For the occasion, David Vega has recorded another video on 16mm that shows our protagonist and her friends looking through the trash in Madrid trying to find old, bucolic paintings, trying to teleport themselves to a world full of trees and grass. Enjoy this marvelous song, because soon “No Me Miréis” will be here and nothing will ever be the same again.




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