MARIA RODÉS "Fuimos Los Dos" Single and Video

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The world feels like a better place when you listen to Maria Rodés sing. Her latest album, “Fuimos Los Dos” has been one of the biggest releases of 2022, praised by audiences and critics, included on the year's best of lists in tons of different media. And we still have some of her most marvelous moments to pull out. Specifically, the title track is one of those moments. The song has echoes of frontiers, flamenco details and that Peruvian flute in the chorus that makes it sound like a Peruvian western. TINDERSTICKS, CALEXICO, Lily & Madeleine, Chabuca Granda, Judee Sill, influences that Maria puts together with moderation, integrity, precious arrangements and delicate vocal interpretations. Passionate, beautiful, exquisite. With a chorus that brings tears to the eyes. The music video to go along with this Digital Single, once again directed by her regular collaborator in this realm, Aitor Urbaneja (who understands how to represent Rodés' musical language so well), develops the song's themes, filmed in a deep black and white, full of fog and rainy days, and that ending. That ending. The song, behind its emotional and personal power, hides a message of reconciliation, a call for peace, a cry for silence. When sadness looks for hope.











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