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MARIA RODÉS Y LA ESTRELLA DE DAVID "Viernes" Single Digital and Video

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TRACKLIST: 01 Viernes  02 Cumbres Borrascosas


We can’t help it. Maria Rodés and David Rodríguez have such special chemistry when it comes to making music, and you can hear and feel it in everything they play. Their first album together, “Contigo”, gave us so much to talk about and is full of magical moments. We are going back to it for a new Digital Single, “Viernes”, sung by David, grievous and negative, rescuing that loser spirit of the best country, and giving the lyrics all the nuance that our protagonists know how to give, adding a touch of humor to the pathetic-ness of a story that those who really enjoyed “Contigo” will know well. If you haven’t already, go listen to it in its entirely soon, because “Viernes” is the piece of a puzzle you have to know, and enjoy. In the video, filmed for the occasion by Aitor Urbaneja, we can see them driving down a lost highway, dancing together at sunset, under a car’s headlights, and how they look at each other while they sing.


What’s more, the single comes with a previously unreleased track, recorded in the same sessions that led to the album. “Cumbres Borrascosas” is a ranchera in line with the best of Johnny Cash, once again with David’s voice on the front line, and where Sergio Pérez (SVPER, PEGASVS, THELEMÁTICOS) once again hits all the right notes (those guitars), and the lyrics take the subject to stratospheric limits: “Qué ganas tengo de hacerme daño / Por eso decidí vivir contigo” (I want to hurt myself so badly / That’s why I decided to live with you). How incredible. May this musical romance never end.





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