LISASINSON: "Las Cosas Que No Te Digo" Single Digital and Video-clip

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TRACKLIST: 01 Canción Para Mi Crush  02 Perdona Mamá


LISASINSON’s new video tells us everything we need to know about who they are and what they sing about. There are no friendships like the ones you have when you are 20. There are no adventures like the ones you have when you are 20. There is no moment in your life like when you are 20. However, “Canción Para Mi Crush”, this song we are releasing in advance of their upcoming Mini-LP as part of our “New Adventures In Pop” collection, is a significant step forward in their sound. The urgency, the immediacy, the self-assurance, the irreverence are all still there, of course, but we are looking at a song that is much more permeable to modern sounds, with a more complex structure, and with a touch of punk mixed through the whole thing. The result is practically unheard of, and also meets all the requirements of the generational anthems. Something to listen to again and again.


What’s more, with this Digital Single, we are also advancing a previously unreleased track that will not be included on the already mentioned Mini-LP but that, curiously, will give it its name. “Perdona Mamá” is a tribute to rebellion – straightforward and unrepentant. Punk rock straight to your veins, with its dose of bile and its liberating spirit. So catchy you can barely take it, electricity that makes our eardrums melt. Watch out for their streaming; we will have more news soon about the new LISASINSON release.










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