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We’d last buzzed about Linda Guilala when we were graced with the world premiere of their video for the sparkling single “Primavera Negra” in January. That single went on to make a dent in not only our charts, but powerhouse alternative stations worldwide, including KEXP. No small feat, when you consider the lyrics are fully en Español. Language has never been a concern for us, as we’re thrilled to promote brilliant sounds from around the world, irrespective of language sung. But we weren’t surprised that other stations took note, and broke their own barriers to airplay.

Which brings us to the next impressive single (and video), for “Mucho Mejor”. At first blush, this driving single is a perfect blend of classic Stereolab sensibilities, with the chorus underpinned by a tightly-controlled noise squall. We’ve always been a fan of ambition, and great pop hooks, “Mucho Mejor” has both in abundance. Driven, propulsive, and respectful of those who came before, this single shows Linda Guilala going from strength to strength. You can already count on the idea that this single will chart on all your favorite stations.

As a video, deftly directed by Javi Camino, the foundation is perfect. Flung classic album covers provide the backdrop, as Linda Guilala references all the quality of the last four decades upon which their sound is founded. From classic psych rock to enduring alternative, it’s almost a perfect parlor game to recognize as many classic LP sleeves as you can. It’s a nod to the forebears of the sound, and a brilliant backdrop to the single. From Pink Floyd to Siouxsie, plus The Telescopes, Sonic Youth, The Cure and Slowdive, it’s a tour through four decades of sonic breakthroughs.










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