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"Bucles Infinitos" review [Free MP3, October]

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Linda Guilala
October 27, 2009 by maggih

I wonder what Linda Guilala means. I know however that their latest hit single is named “Nadie se dará cuenta“, which google tells me is “Nobody will notice”. Somebody should notice this band however since it’s formed out of the ashes of the venerable pop-punk band Juniper Moon from Spain. Apparently Iván the drummer and keyboardist Eva wouldn’t stop there and so Linda Guilala was formed four years ago.  Their new album, Buclos Infinido (Infinite Loops) is just out on Elefant Records. While loving Juniper Moon I’ve never properly listened to this band, I think it’s time to make amends, and it starts with this song. Gotta love those delicately distorted guitars.  

MP3: Linda Guilala – Nadie se dará cuenta (avilable for one month only)

Linda Guilala [Blog indiemp3]
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