New video of Linda Guilala "Bucles infinitos"

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“Bucles infinitos”, is the title track of LINDA GUILALA’s debut album and it’s the starring song of the group’s second video-clip. The video was filmed and directed in Australia by the multifaceted Christopher Kenworthy. Chris has spent the past 10 years working in film and television, has written scripts, has directed and produced shorts and documentaries, has published more than 600 articles and stories, more than 1600 of Chris’s photos have been published, he has written two novels and the best-seller “Master Shots”, which was number one in sales, in Cinematography, on Amazon for more than seven months. He is a character with a curious curriculum that ranges from documentaries about extraterrestrials (“Australian UFO Wave” has been seen by more than six million earthlings online) to his most recent big project, his first film “The Sculptor”, which is a supernatural thriller that we at Elefant will tell you about very soon, now that Christopher is an unconditional TREMBLING BLUE STARS fan and six of the songs from the London group’s latest album, “The Last Holy Writer”, are included in the movie.

Fascinated by the sounds and atmospheres of LINDA GUILALA, Christopher has constructed a spectacular video-clip that mixes the disturbing lyrics of “Bucles Infinitos” with the duo’s personal tastes and esthetic preferences. It is a multi-colored and imaginary world full of all kinds of different objects with clear references to the world of Superheroes and the science-fiction personalities that Iván and Eva like so much, as well as to B-movies, comics and Pop-Art. Just like LINDA GUILALA’s music, the video for “Bucles Infinitos” oozes with infinite colors, otherworldly light and smooth and volatile textures.

You can watch the video HERE:



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