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Release "Xeristar" Mini LP 10". There is no room for doubt that there is going to be a before and an after “Xeristar” in LINDA GUILALA’s career. Maybe it’s the time they’ve taken since their last EP, during which they’ve been producing groups like AXOLOTES MEXICANOS, WHEN NALDA BECAME PUNK and LOS BONSÁIS, among others, in their Kaiju studios. They’ve also been accompanying Marco Maril as the live band for APENINO. Maybe it’s the definitive incorporation ofBruno Mosquera as a guitarist in the band, who has brought that wall of sound that Ivan and Eva were looking for. But the thing is that we are without a doubt looking at their best collection of songs - six intense, electrifying compositions that go from furious to narcotic, somewhere between LOS PLANETAS, RIDE, CLINIC, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, and SPIRITUALIZED at their spaciest and most ultrasonic...     



LINDA GUILALA: Release a digital single for “Verano” with two previously unreleased songs. The single starts off with one of the songs taken from “Xeristar”, “Verano”, which tells one of those stories that it is impossible not to fall for, with echoes of LOS PLANETAS, the electric strength of MY BLOODY VALENTINE, and the urgent pop of punk groups like TIGER TRAP. It is perfectly suited to waking our minds up these summer vacations. “Jaime, Iván y Marta”, the first of the previously unreleased tracks, is even more urgent, like an aggressive version of AUTOMATICS bathed in choruses by YO LA TENGO with an especially angry Ira Kaplan between the irreverent waves of feedback, paying a particular homage to Lou Reed. “Abisal” starts off with an instrumentation that is an authentic wall of electricity, impassable, as strong as an ocean that marks the separation between two worlds – the world of noise and the world of melody. RINGO DEATHSTARR meets DROP NINETEENS...     



Participe in the UKELELE KIT PROJECT. “Éxodo” the song with which LINDA GUILALA are participating in the Ukelele Kit Project, an artistic project organized by Matilde Rodríguez of O Gato Cósmico. The project mixes a visual artist with a music group and a director, all of whom are Galician or have a relationship with Galician culture, in order to promote a ukulele. The idea consists of the visual artist decorating the ukulele, the music group recording a song with it, and then the director making an audiovisual document of the whole process.   






LINDA GUILALA: Write the new theme song for Disco Grande [Radio3, RNE]. LINDA GUILALA, are in charge of writing what will be the new theme song for the Radio 3 show, Disco Grande, directed by Julio Ruiz. The song is “Girando Otra Vez (Disco Grande)”, which maintains some of the group’s main qualities which were also the trademarks of their most recent full-length, “Xeristar”: it has hypnotic spirals of spacey psychedelia, while continuously repeating the name of the renowned radio show, which has been on the air for more than 35 years. It is an exquisite homage to one of the most powerful references in musical radio in the history of this country.






Release "Cosas Nuevas", advance Digital Single for their second album "Psiconáutica". "Cosas Nuevas” is an anthem and a declaration of intent. A wall of sound, effervescent melodies, hypnotic lyrics (No es todo malo / Lo que habita dentro de mí / También hay agua / Y cosas nuevas que / Pueden hacerme feliz) (It’s not all bad / What lives inside me / There is also water / And new things that / Can make me happy), echoes of LOS PLANETAS, MOGWAI, and MY BLOODY VALENTINE, and above all so much energy and noise condensed into only 2 minutes.



LINDA GUILALA: Release “Psiconáutica”, their second album. Psiconáutica” is an experience: sonic, emotional, and something else. Sonic, because the walls of sound laid out on this album go beyond shoegazing; they are more daring, challenging, not looking at your feet but directly in your eyes, with determination and conviction, and also with pain. That’s why the emotional aspect also stands out, as it identifies a series of overwhelming feelings, close to that teenage angst that is so frequent in the music tabloids lately – it’s intense, with no holds barred and without shying away from it. But it all goes one step further, pushed by lyrics that are obsessive, repetitive, sometimes even sick. Because psychedelia is exploration, and that is the “something else” on this album. Psychedelia, to the greatest extent. It is SPIRITUALIZED’s “Medication”; it’s SPACEMEN 3’s “Walkin’ With Jesus”; it’s LOS PLANETAS’ “Nuevas Sensaciones”; it’s the dark side of “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”. It’s “Psiconáutica”.      



LINDA GUILALA: Release a Digital Single and video for “Accidente”, which includes a cover of SILVANIA’s “Sé Girasol”.






Release a Digital Single and Video for “Abstinencia” [Including a previously unreleased song]    

2016 has been a big year for LINDA GUILALA. Music media like Waves For Masses (Italy), The Blog That Celebrates It Self (Brazil), Indie Rock Mag (France), Platten Vor Gericht (Germany), Sounds Better With Reverb (USA), DKFM (USA), Allmusic (USA) and Louder Than War (UK), to say nothing of the Spanish media like Discogrande, El Caleidoscopio Musical, Ultrasónica, Fantastic Plastic Mag, Mondo Sonoro Galicia and La Merienda, among many others, have named “Psiconáutica” as one of the best albums of 2016, some even putting it at number one. David Gedge (THE WEDDING PRESENT) himself named it as one of his favorites on the British webzine “Velvet Sheep”. These are only some of the highlights we are celebrating with the release of a new digital single taken from the album, in this case starring the song “Abstinencia”, which includes the special collaboration of Marco Maril (APENINO), programming the bass.  


On this occasion, the song has a surprising and provocative video: cold and abstract, recorded in a church and full of catholic symbols. This new audio-visual document directed by Javi Camino (Magnetova) is a new reading of one of the most potent songs on the album. It’s disturbing, to say the least. On the B-side, we have a new song, “Mucho Más Joven”, where they make use of their expertise in noise, ambiance, and feedback, preserving marvelous melodies and a chorus that does more than captivate – it hypnotizes.



LINDA GUILALA reworked by APENINO [Digital album]

It’s a more conceptual project that Marco Maril went about obsessively like a personal challenge: reformulate “Psiconáutica”, the most recent album by his Galician friends.   We would dare to say that this digital album reminds us at moments more of DAR FUL FUL (the deeply missed project that Marco fronted with Xavi Font) than of APENINO, though in the end, oddly enough, we’re sticking with the fact that the album that reformulated LINDA GUILALA gives us the most complete creative profile of Marco Maril that we’ve ever heard. Of course the noisy, psychedelic spirit of LINDA GUILALA has greatly inspired APENINO and helped both artists reach an unprecedented result. This is the spirit of the “Reworked By Series” collection, and we are tremendously happy to see that these goals have been reached.








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