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There are people who you except  Getting To Know will be an education, but when someone names their band after a 1920′s documentary about Jazz and their first album was Lindisfarne… you like us will be dying to know more….

Lets get to know Lightning In a Twilight Hour



Biggest musical influence?

John Peel and The Cure 1980-1982.

Vinyl or MP3?

Vinyl, though I’ve not entirely given up on CDs. MP3s travel over oceans quicker than vinyl so I do like them for that.


Favourite Book?

“A Year With Swollen Appendices: Brian Eno‘s Diary” is probably the book I’ve reread the most.

First Concert you ever went to?

Pretenders supported by UB40. I was 13. Far too young to be there but tall enough to get in.

First record you ever bought with your own money?

Run For Home by Lindisfarne


What were the first musical projects you got involved with?

The stops and starts that eventually led to The Field Mice.

Do you have writing processes, or is it just when inspiration hits?

Generally I wait for ideas but sometimes you need to help them along. Booking studio dates tends to provide a deadline you adhere to and that came into play with this LP.

Favourite Film or TV Show?

Film-wise it’s a three way tie between “Into Great Silence”, “Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno” and “The Angelic Conversation”. TV: Six Feet Under.

Who were the bands you first listened to growing up?

First up were ABBA and Buddy Holly. Then Elvis CostelloThe JamThe ClashSex Pistols andPIL. After that I backtracked to David Bowie and The Velvet Underground and plunged intoThe Cure and Joy Division.


When did you start writing your own music?

In my late teens. Chord shapes made a lot more sense once I acquired a guitar tuner. I’m not sure I can honestly say it was my music though. I think it was probably Felt’s.

What type of music would you class yourselves as?


How long has the band been together?

I’m not sure we’re actually a band. More a collective of which I’m quietly in charge. But we began recording February 2014.

Favorite Pizza Topping?

I don’t eat pizza.



For any of our readers who are not familiar with you, couldyou just give us quick rundown of who is in the band?

Well, the contributors to the LP were Beth Arzy: vocals and field recordings, Michael Hiscock: bass and Anne Mari Barker-Davies: vocals. If Lightning In A Twilight Hour were an actual  band they would all be members.There were also contributions to the recordings byco-producer Ian Catt and our friend Aga Jasko. I did guitars, vocals , some keyboards and various other bits and pieces including playing the contents of my sister’s shed.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Liz Harris.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

GrouperRichard YoungsLabradford, the first four Scritti Politti singles,Ruff Kutz by Spectreand Viento by Lawrence English.

Do you do any cover versions during your live set?

We’re studio based. Gigging’s a bit rockist:-)

Where did the Name for the band come from?

From the Soul Jazz documentary ‘Mirror to the Soul: Music, Culture and Identity in the Caribbean 1920-72′

Do the members of the band have day jobs until you get to Glastonbury Pyramid Stage?

With one exception.

Is your sound formed from having similar musical tastes or do you all bring different ideas to the table?


Well if I’m honest it’s really my thing; a benign dictatorship as Robert Wyatt would have it. But everyone’s contributions are formed of things only they could bring. So that’s how it works.










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