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LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR: New Project by Bobby Wratten and free sneak-peak song

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Few things can make us as happy during Elefant Records’ 25th anniversary as the news that we’re about to tell you. One of our favorite composers, Bobby Wratten - who has been behind projects as important for our label as THE FIELD MICE, NORTHERN PICTURE LIBRARY, and TREMBLING BLUE STARS - has a new project: LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR. In this project, he has joined forces again with Beth Arzy (TREMBLING BLUE STARS, ABERDEEN, THE LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL), and he is counting on the collaboration of his old friend Michael Hiscock, who was the bassist of THE FIELD MICE. Anne Mari Barker-Davies alsoparticipates on these new songs, as does the producer Ian Catt, who has worked with Bobby on all of his albums, from that very first THE FIELD MICE single in 1988, “Emma’s House”, to the last TREMBLING BLUE STARS release in 2011.


And what better way to present this new adventure from Bobby Wratten than by giving you all a song from what will be their debut album, as a gift? “The Memory Museum” has some of the constants that were the stars of his last albums: evanescent atmospheres, crystalline guitars, and sweet voices, to which we have to add Hiscock’s sinuous bass, which gives the song an even stronger touch of mystery. But this is just an appetizer, and we can assure you that his next releases contain many more ingredients that will definitely surprise newcomers and exhilarate fans.


The first release will be a Mini-LP, which will come out on February 9th, 2015, on 10” transparent vinyl (it will also have its corresponding digital release) called “Slow Changes,” and which will contain 7 songs. Shortly after that, on April 20th, “Fragments of A Former Moon” will see the light, with its pertinent release on CD, on double transparent vinyl, and digitally. Two very different releases, which show two of the different facets of the author’s songwriting and which bring back to current musical events a name that we had been missing for a long time. Missing a lot. Welcome back, Bobby Wratten.







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