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LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR: "The Circling Of The Seasons" Single 7"

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Six years after his last release for Elefant Records, Bobby Wratten(THE FIELD MICE, TREMBLING BLUE STARS), returns under his LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR moniker. Having released a Double-LP, a 10", and a 12" for Elefant, plus a cassette for Touch subsidiary The Tapeworm, this release marks the first ever LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR 7" Single.

Produced in association with long term collaborator Ian Catt, these two songs trailer but do not feature on, the forthcoming second LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR album. Bobby and Ian have worked together since the first ever recordings of the increasingly influential THE FIELD MICE. Other long-term fellow travellers are also present: Anne Mari Davies (THE FIELD MICE, NORTHERN PICTURE LIBRARY, TREMBLING BLUE STARS), Beth Arzy(TREMBLING BLUE STARS, JETSTREAM PONY, THE LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL) and Michael Hiscock (bassist and co-founder of THE FIELD MICE).

The open tuned guitars and layered harmonies of the A-side, “The Circling Of The Seasons”, belong to the more pop influenced end of the musical spectrum. The B-side, “Neuchâtel”, on the other hand, ventures into darker waters. A distorted single chord and a broken up wordless vocal creating a mood piece. Here we have the two sides of LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR on a single record.

This stand-alone white vinyl 7" sets the scene for the forthcoming sophomore LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR album due in the next few weeks.


TRACKLIST: 01. “The Circling Of The Seasons” 02. “Neuchâtel”




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