LIA PAMINA & DARIO PERSI "Christmas' Over" Single Digital

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Christmas singles are a tradition that has grown over many decades, when artists make the most of the special conditions of these important dates. But there is no question that nothing compares to the Christmas singles released in the sixties and seventies. And within that category, the album produced by Phil Spector called “A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector” is clearly a magnum opus. This single that Lia Pamina and Dario Persi have just composed for the Christmas season would deserve to be included on that magnificent collection. It’s just incredible. The bells, the harmonies, that change in key, the jangle guitar, the kettle drum, that percussion that sounds like pure Motown, pure wall of sound. The magic between Dario and Lia’s voices makes us feel all of the warmth of the Christmas spirit that THE RONETTES, THE CRYSTALS and Darlene Love sang for us back then. The incredible sound work on this track by Marco Alberto Matti of Casemate Studio (Italy) is absolutely remarkable, with the most meticulous recording, mixing and mastering. Dario Persi handles percussion, plays the electric guitar, the acoustic guitar, and the 12-string guitar; Alberto Matti adds more percussion; Paco Orsi plays the drums; Carlo Matti is on the keyboards and xylophone; and the incredible production work is by Dario and Marco. The finishing touch is that Christmas cover, that house sheltered from layers of cold, and that decorated tree right next to it. It is such a pleasure when things like this make you feel right at home. Because music, and Christmas, are our home.


TRACKLIST: 01 Christmas' Over






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