LIA PAMINA "Encriptado" Single Digital

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Her songs have always been a breath of fresh air for the ears, with her delicate, sweet, elegant voice. And now she’s back, along with one of her musical companions, Dario Persi, with whom she wrote the single, “So Far Tonight”, with two songs written by Lia Pamina and produced by Dario himself along with Marco Alberto Matti. The went into the Casemate studios in Piamonte (Italy) with Paco Orsi (drums), Carlo Matti (pianist, classical composer, and orchestra conductor) and Marco Alberto Matti (RADIO DAYS’ regular technician) with an arsenal of vintage material from the 60s and 70s to record “Encriptado” and “Fluorescent”. The first is an exercise in brilliant, addictive sixties pop, in Spanish, with a powerful chorus and pristine melodies, and echoes of Margo GuryanLynsey de PaulJudee Sill and Françoise Hardy. It is about the transcendental reason we cross paths with certain people. There is always something we can learn from them, even if we can’t perceive it on the surface. A story, a lesson, an experience. The production has influences from the 60s, elegant pop melodies, clean guitars, and a touch of vibrant craziness. THE BEATLES, Phil Spector and BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD.


Then we have “Fluorescent”, this time in English, which has more of a folk-pop spirit, with touches of psychedelia, a twilight feel, in line with Billy Nicholls, but once again with brilliant melodies, and that garage-spirited bridge with Persi’s sharp guitar. The lyrics have two parts – a more external part in the verses and a more intimate part in the chorus. The verses could be about a relationship in its final stages, where the protagonist directly expresses her readiness to move on. The chorus submerges us in her mind, a moment of abstraction, a few seconds of reflection, thoughts accompanied by the technological sound of reality that the protagonist is immersed in, as if she were a self-contemplative figure in an Edward Hopper painting. Marvelous salves for the soul and joy for the ear.


TRACKLIST: 01 Encriptado  02 Fluorescent




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