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Clash [En]: Le SuperHomard's Psych Pop Recipe Makes 'Paper Girl' Irresistible

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Le SuperHomard's Psych Pop Recipe Makes 'Paper Girl' Irresistible

It's a delectable piece of Gallic guitar pop whimsy...  

Le SuperHomard have only one goal: to make supremely gifted pop music.

Based in the South of France, the band's Gallic charm is fused with a delectable psych pop recipe, resulting in something other-worldly in its charm.

Approaching their debut album, Le SuperHomard's Christophe Vaillant explains: “The only goal was to make the best possible pop album...”

Said LP - 'MeadowLanePark' - arrives on March 1st, so we'll soon be able to examine if the band's ambitions have been met.

For now, we can feast on Le SuperHomard's new song 'Paper Girl', a taut, infectious dollop of electronic-enhanced guitar pop.

Done and dusted in under three minutes, it comes equipped with some eye-catching animated visuals - tune in now.










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